I want to create a game.. What to do?

From as long I can remember I wanted to create games. I am a quite good story teller, at least that what my daughter say. Now I have been looking into things on how I can create games. I have tried unity, game maker and construct 2. First of all I just want to create a simple platform game, but the story for the game that I want to start with is stuck in my head and I feel that the story requires me to do lot of artwork. So where do I begin… 

1. Select the ultimate game engine.. done = going to use construct 2.

2. Create a prototype of the game.. not done. Even if the game engine is easy to use, I still need to learn how things work in the engine.

3. Create a sketches on how the game will look like… kinda done.. in my head. But I started a online artwork class so I can visualize and draw what I want. This will take some time.. I don´t think I can say I´am good at drawing. Well hopefully within 3 months time I could sketch some figures and environments.

4. Create music for the game…. Uhhh, yeah.. Let see how that one goes.

5. Sounds for the game.. Yeah same as number 4.

I don´t expect to get any money from the game, but hopefully if the story, artwork, music, sounds is good, maybe just maybe I can sell few copies on steam or somewhere else. This will require a lot of work and the only time I have is the free time on the evenings when I am not in the other work.

When do I begin ? Well, first of all I need to finish the artwork classes and see how that goes. When I finish that I can get to the next point which is learning the game engine.

I really do like critics on my work so maybe I can drop some sketches here and there on vivaldi.net and see if someone could tell me how the characters, environments, sounds etc. feels to them.

The technology of the future, my perspective – Part 2

Are you one of those guys who buy everything online, what about food or other stuff. As in part one I talked about games, virtual reality and such but how can the technology of the future be with food and stuff that you buy online.

Online shopping / 3D printing

It started long time ago when Ebay, Amazone and many other companies started to sell products from a website and delivering the product to your home or if it is some type of software you would be able to download it to your computer. As I said in the last blog I thought about Star Trek and again in this blog I think again how foods and stuff is created with the food replicator. As you may know or not that today we are creating awesome technology using 3d printing using some type of plastic substance and we are also going for technology creating food, steel, body parts and many other things using the 3d printing technology. But how would it be in the future using online shopping? 

 With in 50-100 years we would use some type of atom/quantum 3d  printing solution, so when we buy something online it will print  instantly in your “Food Replicator(3d printer)”. But what about thefts  of products such as  foods and other types of  stuff that you would be  able to download. I  would think that in the future if you would download a food there would be someone who would add additional substance such as nanites(Nano Robots), virus that would enter your body when you eat it. You would be able to create your own ideas and print it on your quantum 3d printer. In previous blog I talked about virtual reality, what´s stopping the buyers going to the online store in a vr world, being able to touch, feel, taste before you buy the product online and save time, instead of driving long roads to buy stuff.


The technology of the future, my perspective – Part 1

I have always been interested in technology, no matter what kind of technology is created, it is always fascinating. I have been thinking on how the future will be in the next 50-100 years and I could do to predict how it will be in technology.


The future of games reminds me of the Holo Deck in Star Trek. Now how would that be in the future, as you might know or not there is a new VR goggles from Oculus Rift that is hopefully coming very soon because I am very excited about that product.

Google is also creating a new product named Google Glass which you put on and take pictures, videos and many other things. It seems so that VR and using the eyes more is the future, but I think the products will be smaller and smaller until at one point it will be some kind of contact lens that you put on your eyes that will provide full VR experience and also will allow you to take pictures, videos, 24 hours a day. Games are getting more realistic so at that point I think the VR experience will be as futuristic as cool as the Holo Deck in Star Trek, but you don´t need to be at some room to experience this as it is in Star Trek. You might also be doing multi player with other users which are located in different countries. Imagine that, being able to meet, play and do stuff with users in a photographic realistic VR world. But there is one thing that is missing from all this and that is being able to touch and feel the surfaces, textures and the world around you such as wind, rain, heat, cold etc. 


How would that be done. The only thing that I could imagine how that would be is to be able use a small device that does some brainwave stuff that would pinpoint a certain point in the brain that contains feelings, emotions, etc.